Hello, I'm Beau Rambaut. You're multifaceted CONFIDENCE COACH.

I have been a coach for a decade now and it’s looked lots of different ways; I have been an Aerial Circus Coach for kids in New York to more recently popping on my digital nomad sandals, taking the business 100% online and travelling along the Quintana Roo Coast.

I have enjoyed many perspectives while helping others reach their goals. From the outside looking in my coaching path may appear to be indecisive but what each and every person, from 6 years old to 60, has shown me is that the through line is crystal clear: confidence is a skill, it is not a personality trait. 

Self-Belief is the battery life for your talent. If you don’t keep it charged, you won’t be able to truly explore your potential. 

Forget "born with it" and fixed personality traits, we all have the opportunity to believe in ourselves. 

Confidence, like perfection, is relative. Which means cultivating it takes time, understanding and a hell of a lot of practice. It’s fun, and it’s yours for the taking. 


The Evolution of My Coaching

I used to work in TV & Film, now I'm an international CONFIDENCE COACH.

That sounds fancy.

I used to work in production, building and managing the crew, which should just be called expectation management but the film industry likes to keep things sounding glam. Then I spent several years in casting, dealing directly with actors, finding talent, supporting talent. 

The more time I spent in the room with actors the more obsessed I became with confidence. Who has it, who doesn't? Why did some people seem to have it by the bucket load and others seemed to struggle for a drop? I re-entered the world of education with a new agenda and I opened an Actors Studio, 'The Shed Ldn', with confidence as the primary focus. 

As time went on, the more I realised this wasn't about the Actor; this was about the person. I was first and foremost helping the individual, by creating a safe space for them to explore themselves, discover themselves. It was, and still is, my belief you cannot successfully evolve into someone else, whether that be a character or your desired future self, if you don't first have confidence in your relationship with yourself.

And successful people, not just actors, have been acting since the dawn of time. If we can put aside what we know of acting and understand that the latin origin of 'to act' translates to 'to stretch' and not 'to fake' or 'wear a mask', then perhaps this is something we can understand that we all want, isn't it? To stretch ourselves? To learn, grow and evolve? To see opportunity and take it?


My Story

Why I believe you can:

Because I did. And as much as I am the leading lady of my story, I have no more potential to lead my life, than you do to lead yours. 

Learning to tell my story is still something I am getting used to; it's hard work owning it. We rumble with shame, fear of hurting others, worried about what others might think, how speaking our truth will change things. And if we own our story, will we come off as over-confidence, arrogant even... or worse be perceived as weak. 

I've wrestled with all these thoughts, so much so that that it felt like I had to learn how to speak all over again. 

"Well, this could have turned out very differently", she said with a smile. I don't know why I believed her, but I did. 

Several years back I had to do a psych eval before being prescribed a particular course of medicine, they already had the notes, but they needed to hear and see me say it. So, I reeled off the bullet points. 

"Well, this could have turned out very differently"

I laughed, with a warm heart, because it was the first time I took it on. Something was changing. Therapists had said similar in the past, I had brushed it off thinking "people have it worse, I'm not special", but that is neither here nor there because I'm not anyone else and my story. My story could have gone very differently. Instead I worked hard to sew all the broken pieces back together in to a beautiful tapestry of a life I am incredibly proud of. Now I help other's who suffer with crippling self-doubt, unable to see their own worth, misunderstanding that everyone has a story to tell and that theirs may very well be the one that changes someone's life. 

I am a survivor of sexual, physical and emotional abuse, which started when I was very young.

Poor, bullied, broken. I grew up in a pit which was void of self-love, and in the absence of self-love I became collateral damage. I grew up lonely, fearing no one would understand or believe me. I was constantly questioning my own judgement because I didn't know much outside of my reality, and when I began to learn the severity of my situation. I felt stupid and f*ck did I feel ashamed of myself. The shame hit me and I hit the floor. It took me a long time to connect to the power in my pain. It takes a lot of time, energy and courage but I can't think of any work more worthy of doing, other than helping you.

We all have the option to turn adversity into an advantage; it's a matter of perspective.

If you have a target to hit, but you can't see it from where you are, you move to a vantage point and shoot from there. That's turning adversity into advantage. 

How you tell your story matters. Own your past to change your future.

Together. We move. 

Image by Jess Bailey

Qualifications & Accreditations 

Global NLP Training

  • NLP Master Practitioner

  • Emotional & Social Coach

  • Motivational Coach

  • Life Coach

Open Study College

  • Psychological Profiling Level 3

  • Distinction. Neurolinguistics Programming Level 3

  • Distinction. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Level 4

  • Psychology Diploma

  • Counselling Diploma

University of the Arts London

  • 1st Class Honours, Casting & Production


  • Strasberg Technique

  • Meisner Technique

  • Personal Trainer Level 3

  • Martial Arts Instructor for Kids

Accredited member of ACCPH (coaches, counsellors, psychotherapists & hypnotherapists)

Full DBS Check

NSPCC Child Protection Certificate


"effort honours the dream"

Cleo Wade


Kingston - upon - Thames

+44 7398 563096 (calls, WhatsApp, texts)

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