When I saw that Beau was offering an introductory month I was at a critical point with my health. I’m 45 and was just diagnosed with hypertension and binge-eating disorder. I was rushed to the ER with my BP at 211/107 – extremely dangerous. I had constant migraines and chest tightness and had been working with a slew of doctors and therapists all trying to get me well. I struggled back and forth as I have my whole life, trying to please them and do what they said I needed to do. 

When I began working with Beau, I was certainly desperate but she immediately made me feel at ease. Her style of communication was easy going and her knowledge was inspiring and comforting. She worked with me to set attainable goals that meant something to me. With kindness, humor, strength and clear boundaries she helped me to build a strong foundation I felt I could build on. I wasn’t trying to fit into someone else’s program. She created a personalized and powerful structure that really works!

In one month, my blood pressure has gone from averaging 190/100 to 136/88. I met with my primary physician yesterday who remarked, “What else are you doing!?” and I shared about my daily check ins, sweaty selfies, minimum steps, and being accountable for what I was eating. She immediately wanted Beau’s info for all of her patients struggling with heart health and weight. We are already talking about reducing the medication.

I have lost 14 pounds (1 stone or 6.35kg) and regularly take long walks and succeed at 15-30 simple workouts every day. Beau holds me accountable without shaming me and her simple approach is uncomplicated and doable! More importantly she is helping me to create habits that are not only sustainable but enjoyable!

- Female, USA

Beau has been a huge inspiration to me to get my fitness back on track so I can get into shape in time for my wedding. She has given me excellent guidance, accountability, support & encouragement every step of the way. The cognitive & behaviour techniques that Beau has introduced me to has aided me immensely throughout the program. 

With Beau's support I have surprised myself with how much I have achieved when I chose to give it a go & am consistent.

I have physically seen a difference in my body shape, I have also a clearer mind. I have more patience, increased balance, increased energy & I am sleeping 1000% times better.

I would hugely recommend Beau to anyone that I struggling to start their personal development.


I've known for a long time that I needed to make a change: eating, exercising, taking care of myself. Injuries, lockdown, and a job that has me sitting 8 hours a day really took it's toll on my physical and mental health.  I reached out to Beau not knowing what else to do.  

Her multifaceted approach of listening, encouraging, daily accountability, discussing my concerns and fears, and pushing me to do just a bit more were exactly what I needed.  I didn't want a diet and an exercise plan, I wanted someone to walk this journey with me and coach me and that's exactly what I've gotten working with Beau.  

I couldn't be more thankful for the changes I'm seeing one month in, and I know that we will keep going, together.

- Female, USA

Quite honestly where do I begin, so I was really struggling mentally in April and May and June was coming up and these thoughts were not going away, I was starting to get night terrors/nightmares again, I was struggling to sleep, I was feeling on edge, and I didn’t know what to do, I had been following beaus Instagram page and kept wanting to reach out as I really could connect with her posts, I finally reached out and it has been the best thing I could have done, she has helped me look at things from other perspectives, the nightmares have lessened, she’s helped me record my videos for my website, she has helped me be the best mum possible that I could be and I couldn’t thank her enough! Alls I can say is you would be crazy not to have one of her coaching calls!

- Female, UK